“Perhaps our favourite car from the [Bonhams, The Zoute] sale, however, is the unique 2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Shooting Brake. Created by the Dutch design studio Vandenbrink Design, the V12 wagon boasts a genuinely intriguing design, one that we happen to think works very well indeed.”
“Unsere persönliche Wahl fällt auf den einmaligen Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Shooting Brake. Der V12 mit großzügiger Ladefläche wurde von dem niederländischen Designstudio Vandenbrink Design entworfen und weist eine wirklich faszinierende Gestaltung auf, die unsere Meinung nach auch wirklich sehr alltagstauglich ist.” ClassicDriver.com

“A work of art”. Bonhams

“Dank je, The Netherlands, for this Ferrari 612 Shooting Brake. [We] consider them well and truly on our radar now, thanks to this.
Fewer fat SUVs, and more of these, please. No, there’s no Nürburgring lap time. Or active aerodynamics. It can’t generate enough downforce to drive on the ceiling, and there’s no word on whether that taller backside has hurt the Scaglietti’s ability to romp from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds. Who cares about all of that binary nonsense? Just look at it. And decide: is it gorgeous, or ghastly?” topgear.com

“Het in Amsterdam gevestigde Vandenbrink heeft zich er echter niet gemakkelijk vanaf gemaakt en stopt z’n creatie vol bijzondere details. Zo is de eindeloos dikke C-stijl voorzien van sierlijke welvingen en zijn er achterin het dak twee ruitjes aangebracht. Dat geeft ook binnenin een bijzondere sfeer. Het laadruim, dat toch al bijzonder hoogwaardig lijkt afgewerkt, krijgt daarmee een prachtige finishing touch.” autoweek.nl

“Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Shooting Brake Is A Timeless Beauty. Vandenbrink’s vision is finally realized, and the 612 never looked so good. A work of art.” motor1.com

“It’s the modern-day Ferrari Breadvan, and one that you can actually own. Now it has my attention.” jalopnik.com

“The result is a gorgeous shape with a roof so well-blended into the rest of the body that it looks like the 612 was designed as such from the start.” wheels.ca

“It took more than 15 years since the Scaglietti 612 was first launched (2004 – 2010), the Vandenbrink has just completed the Ferrari Shooting Brake, reminiscent of any childhood legend. The Dutch firm has really raised its name for this achievement and it must be said that the results are completely worthy of the perfect design.” autopro.com.vn

“Better than the Lusso GTC4, the Vandenbrink Shooting Brake?” autoplus.fr

“Vandenbrink’s Shooting Brake Is The Ultimate V12-Powered Wagon.” carscoops.com

“Nederlands bedrijf verandert lompe Ferrari in elegante shooting brake.” bd.nl

“Vandenbrink Design has finally completed its Ferrari 612. An original and very rare shooting brake is born.” formulapassion.it

“… a true predecessor of the FF and the truth is that it fits quite well with the veteran Ferrari. You may think that it has arrived a little late but the truth is that the result has been worth it. So much so that it looks even better and more elegant than the FF.” caranddriver.es

“Vandenbrink Shooting Brake: An Ageless Beauty!” cars.ro

“Le résultat est tout simplement grandiose.” rpmweb.ca

“The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake is one of the best-looking wagons ever made, but it’s about to get some stiff competition. The Vandenbrink Shooting Brake arguably looks even better than the original Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.” carbuzz.com

“This Vandenbrink Shooting Brake is a coachbuilt beauty.
A Dutch company has built a completely stunning reimagination of a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti as a shooting brake, a design the Modena brand never produced in-house. We can finally confirm: long-roofs are back, baby!” driving.ca

“Shooting Brake body transforms controversial coupe into a wonder wagon.” whichcar.com.au

“Amsterdam’s Vandenbrink Design has caught the automotive industry by surprise with the reveal of this gorgeous supercar.” hiconsumption.com

“Shooting Brake dank Vandenbrink.
Ferrari-612-Besitzer, die das Design ihres Autos an jenes seiner Nachfolger anlehnen möchten, können sich nun vertrauensvoll an Vandenbrink wenden.” auto-motor-und-sport.de

“Vandenbrink Shooting Brake: the resurgence of the unnoticed 612 Scaglietti.” autobild.es

“The company finished the car this year, and the results are impressive.
The hatchback also looks like Ferrari included it from the beginning, making the car look like a precursor to the FF and GTC4Lusso. The skylights in the roof are also fascinating.” autoblog.com

“This Custom Vandenbrink Shooting Brake Is Absolutely Not a Breadvan. But what Dutch-based Vandenbrink Design did to this Scaglietti is still rather fantastic.
The car you see here, however, is a magnificent 2+2 grand tourer by Pininfarina, turned into something that can easily make the Ferrari GTC4Lusso look ordinary.” roadandtrack.com

“A Dutch coachbuilder called Vandenbrink will take your Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and turn the car into one very cool shooting brake. The final product is very clean and well done. It looks as if it’s something Ferrari might have made from the factory.” geeky-gadgets.com

“A hunting station is elegant, refined and sporty. With the conversion of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, the Dutch designer Vandenbrink achieves a real tour de force where we did not expect it.” automobile-magazine.fr

“[The GTC4 Lusso] is much more common and will depreciate like an anvil falling off a cliff. We know where we’d put our money.” onlymotors.com

“The Vandenbrink Shooting Brake is a future classic.” drivetribe.com

- – - – - – - – - – -



“Vandenbrink GTO: Ocular Nirvana: arguably the best-looking car in the world.” – TopGear UK

“Vandenbrink GTO belongs to Top five unique Ferraris.” – uk.msn.com

“It’s the comeback the world has been waiting for.” – autoexpress.co.uk

“Is this the world’s sexiest Ferrari?” – autotrader.co.uk

“The days of custom coachbuilt Ferraris are coming back, and coming back strong.” – autoblog.com

“Der vielleicht schönste und exklusivste Ferrari kommt aus Holland.” – auto-news.de

“Almost universal approval for its artist’s impression of what a modern-day Ferrari 250 GTO might look like.” EVO.co.uk

“Diese beiden Modelle 599 GTO und 630 GTO übertreffen nochmal alles.”richtigteuer.de

“We can’t wait to see how the finished item has improved on its superstar underpinnings.” – Goldarths.com

“Die Rückkehr einer Legende.” – ClassicDriver.com

“Als hätte die junge Sophia Loren beim Wellenbad an der Amalfiküste persönlich Modell gestanden.” – ClassicDriver.com

“Na Pininfarina en Zagato komt de volgende Ferrari koetsbouwer uit Nederland.” – Autovisie

“Vandenbrink GTO: il prezzo della passione.” – Autoblog.it

“The GTO does a great job of honoring its muse, the original 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.” – Autoblog.com

“750ch et 680Nm… de quoi croquer de la Enzo au petit déjeuner!” – leblogauto.com

“Fastest ever Ferrari announced.” – Autotrader.co.uk

“Sixties chic: the Vandenbrink GTO – Time to party like it’s 1962: the Vandenbrink GTO is set to enter production and evoke all those happy tri-nostrilled memories of the original Ferrari 250 GTO.” – TopGear.com

“Nederland is weer een automerk rijker!” – Zakenauto.nl

“E’ sempre affascinante pensare ad un bel disegno che prende forma e diviene realtà: una combinazione esclusiva di arte, artigianato e alta tecnica motoristica.” - virtualcar.it

“Truly a labor of love.” - edmunds.com

“Una vettura ancora più grintosa, se possibile, della Ferrari 599 GTB, ma al tempo stesso elegante, caratterizzato da bombature e linee curve che dissimulano bene le dimensioni del corpo vettura. Bellissimo!” – racewaynews.net

“Ferrari 599 GTO Vandenbrink, uno de los coches más bonitos del mundo.” – diariomotor.com

“Vandenbrink 599 GTO, exclusividad absoluta.” – topauto.com.ar

“Een Nederlandse koetsbouwer die zich kan meten met grote Italiaanse namen als Zagato en Pininfarina. Het lijkt een sprookje, maar toch is het werkelijkheid.” – Hetnet.nl

“Vandenbrink GTO: storia di una passione.” - autoblog.it

“Un mostro di perfezione.” – tenmagazine.it

“Vandenbrink GTO: Der Traum in Rot wird wahr.” - auto-news.de

“Insgesamt liegt der Holländer damit deutlich vor dem (Preise) Rekordbrecher Bugatti Veyron.” – auto-news.de

“Vandenbrink GTO : la plus latine des néerlandaises.” – webcarnews.com

“It still has our mouths watering…” – autoblog.com

“On looks alone, the Dutch masterpiece has the Italian original licked.” – autotrader.co.uk

“Vandenbrink GTO, la prochaine Ferrari sur mesure.” – leblogauto.com

“Another Ferrari Ferrari Didn’t Build: The Vandenbrink GTO.” – jalopnik.com

“GT Convertible een onbehoorlijk fraaie auto – woorden schieten tekort.” – Topgear NL

“Vandenbrink GT Convertible deserves standing ovation.” - Autoblog.it


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