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Articles on Special Coachbuilding:

2008-02: Wealth Management Survey: HAUTE CARTURE: there’s never been a better time to order a one-off for the road
2007-03: Goldarths: The fine art of coachbuilding (Ferrari Pininfarina P4/5, Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato, Fisker, Vandenbrink GTO)
2007-10-13: Classic Driver: Die Rueckkehr einer Legende
2007-03-08: Top five unique Ferraris (612 Kappa, GG50, Zagato 575 GTZ, Vandenbrink GTO, Pininfarina P4/5)
2007-07-21: Top 10 Coachbuilt Supercars

A selection of online publications:

2008-12: Vandenbrink GTO wins GOOD DESIGN award
2008-12: Car Body Design: Good Design Awards 2008
2008-12: Vandenbrink Picks Up Design Award
2007-12-20: Topgear NL: GT Convertible een onbehoorlijk fraaie auto – woorden schieten tekort
2007-12-20: The new Vandenbrink GT Convertible is the convertible you really want
2007-12-20: Vandenbrink GT Convertible deserves standing ovation
2007-12-03: 599-based GTO is go!
2007-10-10: Vandenbrink Design toont GTO met FXX specs!
2007-05-29: Ocular nirvana: arguably the best-looking car in the world
2007-05-25: Is this the world’s sexiest Ferrari?
2007-05-24: 2008 Vandenbrink 599 GTO
2006-11-28: Bespoke Ferrari unveiled
2006-12-15: Going Dutch with Ferrari (articlesite)
2006-10-13: Vandenbrink GTO
2006-10-06: More details on new Dino from Ferrari
2006-10-05: Ferrari 599 GTO Mugello by Vandenbrink
2006-09-28: Reve de grandeur
2006-09-25: Vandenbrink GTO, la prochaine Ferrari sur mesure
2006-09-25: Vandenbrink GTO may see production
2006-09-25: Another Ferrari Ferrari didn’t build: The Vandenbrink GTO
2006-09-25: Ferrari 599 GTO Mugello to be built


2008 Spring : Supercar Magazine (UK): Welcome to the modern day GTO
2008-3 Esquire (NL): GTOvertroffen
2008-02 Wealth Management Survey (UK): HAUTE CARTURE: there’s never been a better time to order a one-off for the road
2007-12 JFK (NL): Vandenbrink GTO
2007-12 AutoNews (D): De geschwungene Traum in Rot wird wahr
2007-12 AutoPartner (P): Ferrari ni nizozemski
2007 EVO (UK): 599-based GTO is go!
2007-10 Autoweekend Greece (GR): GTO by Vandenbrink Design
2007-12 CARROS 8 (NL): Heilig handwerk
2007 AutoWeek 42 (NL): Nederlandse GTO krijgt gestalte
2007-10-11 Autovisie (NL): Met gepaste trots
2007-03-11 Makes & Models (USA): Cover article
2006-10-11 Froilan Ferrari Magazine (AR): Cover article
2006-12-15 GT Max Magazine – Vandenbrink article (ES): Cover article

Audio / video:

2007-10-11: FastLaneDaily: video news