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The Vandenbrink GTO made history, before even being built.

When we met Andrea Pininfarina in Geneva, he was speechless when he saw the design.
TopGear declared it “ocular nirwana: arguably the best-looking car in the world”.
We could never have dreamed such acclaim for our design.

Only 12 GTOs will be built, exclusively for visionary and knowledgeable customers who understand the value
of traditional handmade coachbuilt cars, the underlying automotive quality, discerning aesthetics and historic relevance.
All together resulting in unique automobiles ready to hit the history books.

The Ferrari 250 GTO deserves this unique homage.
Through our unique coach building craftsmanship each car will be unique.
What better way exists to own a car made in highly limited series production, with your unique personal details?
Wasn’t that the dream you always had? Live the dream, make history. Contact us.

“As if the young Sophia Loren in the waves on the Amalfi coast stood personally model” –

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